About Studio 12

Studio 12 is a working studio and gallery owned and operated by husband and wife artists Gary and Carolyn Schena. The Schenas' art work includes pottery, glass fusion and mixed media. Located in Avon, North Carolina on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, studio 12 welcomes all ages to paint pottery, make mosaics or try glass fusion. The Studio 12 gallery is filled with hand Crafted American art with a focus on North Carolina Artists.

Vote for Studio 12 – Best Gallery of 2012

Vote for Studio 12 2012 Art Gallery of the Year

Vote in the 1st annual OBX Entertainment awards, for the 2012 Outer Banks ART GALLERY OF THE YEAR!  Winners will be Announced this Fall u play herunterladen.

OBX Entertainment is an online magazine providing information on what’s happening on and around North Carolina’s Outer Banks, including music, movie, and surfing news download linkedin learning. This online magazine was created by husband-wife team Matt and Sue Artz, who share a combined total of more than a quarter-century of professional experience in the entertainment, journalism, and photography industries on the Outer Banks. Sue and Matt’s bussines Arts Music and Photography received the ‘Best of Weddings’ Award from The Knot in 2010, 2011, and 2012; the ‘Bride’s Choice’ Award from Wedding Wire in 2010, 2011, and 2012 focus herunterladen.

Studio 12 is excited about the opportunity to have customers and fans partcipate in this first annual award for best gallery.  Thanks for taking a moment to vote beach buggy racing!

New Pottery in the Studio

Cool new pottery in the studio to make – these ceramic pieces can be painted and then combined with glass frit for a really beautiful piece for your wall download tomtom routes!

The hottest new craze in the ceramic and paint your own pottery world is combing glass with your ceramics.  Well, the warmest new craze would be the more appropriate term türkische serien herunterladen. Because warm glass is what is being used.  Warm glass is what is referred to when you are fusing glass or heating the glass to about 1450 degrees.  Ceramics after beign painted with glazes are generally kiln fired to cone 04 or 06 or about 1825 degrees.  So in theory glass and cermaics don’t work because they are fired at differant tempertures and more specifically becasue when the glass emerges after a 1825 degree firing and then cools down it is not compatable withthe cermaics and therefore it cracks.  however, it is these cracks that look so wonderful and create a special kind of old world crackle to the ceramic wall decor wie kann ich spiele kostenlos downloaden.

So take a chance on a new creative ideal and let your self get a little cracked up with the combination of glass fusion and pottery painting!  or if you are a purist you can do both sepertely at our studio by visitng either the glass fusion area or the pottery painting area Re-sims 4!


Cool Art Made by Customers This Week

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Hang Ten!

We are constantly inspired by the art work of our customers and other customers are of course inspired by what other cusomters make.  This blog post gives you a sampling of some of the fun stuff that is being done inside Studio 12 picasa web albums!

As you can see there is no age limit we welcome kids and of course kids at heart, sometimes the youngest ones create the most inspiring pieces because of thier lack of inhibition.  Enjoy seeing a few of our favorites conjugate.

Mom and son having some creative fun!

Glass Fusion is Not Sea Glass

Glass Fusion Jewlery Classes

Is it Sea glass laute klingeltöne kostenlosen? That is one of the most frequenlty asked questions I get when cusomters are looking through jewlery cases filled with glass fusion pendants, earrings, rings and bracelets Download share point folder. While the blues, and greens are the same in both glass fusion jewlery and sea glass, glass fusion is not sea glass.  Sea glass is basically trash glass bottles that have been ground up by the ocean, found on the beach by some lucky beachcomber and then transformed into jewlery with silver wire and glue citrix receiver herunterladen.

Coral Bowl by Carolyn Schena


Glass Fusion is a process of combining cutting and designing seperate pieces of COE compatible glass, heating them in a kiln, to about 1450 degrees and then cooling the glass so that it comes together or fuses into a new piece of glass.  The colors for glass fusion jewlery are endless from rich reds and bright oranges to cool blues, greens and lovley opals combining severla colors into one.  Often times dichroic glass is used in making jewlery a more expensive glass that is created by using metal oxides and thus it gives off a terrific metal sheen akin to gold, or diamonds java windows 7.

To try your hand at creating your own glass fusion art sign up for one of the many classes offerred at Studo 12 or just come into the gallery and see many of Carolyn’s glass fusion creations rollercoaster tycoon download kostenlos vollversion.

Make Art to Remember Your Vacation

We are lucky to get to watch so many kids grow up, famlies grow bigger and new additons come into the family. Studio 12 has become a vacation tradition for many families who make Hatteras Island their vacation destination,and we feel fortunate to be part of their family.  One of our favorite annual visitors is Robert.  Robbert was about 6 months old when he first came to visit us herunterladen. We can never forget him, becasue it was one of my first times attempting to paint baby feet.  Gary and I were nervous new business owners and Roberts parents were excited new parents that wanted a momentum of their sons first beach trip herunterladen.

eight years and counting!

Luckily Robert was a mellow baby who didn’t seem to mind at all that I was a novice at my job, and he even let me make an extra pair of prints so that I coudl commemorate the occassion and have a plate to hand on our studio wall automatically download apps. that plate has served as inspiration for other families to make a vacation memory, and it constantly serves as a reminder of  how far we have come as business owners, how our relationships with our cusomters have grown over the years, and how skilled we have become at not only painting pottery but also little feet hier können sie ihr ticket herunterladen.

Robert came back to visit us again this year just after his eighth birthday. This year he chose a monster truck bank to paint while his sister chose sea turtle flugsimulator für pc kostenlosen deutsch. And Mom could not resist another set of prints.

We look forward to seeing Robert each year,  and we look foward to meeting all of the other families who discover Studio 12 for the first time, whether the kids are babies and toddlers or tweenagers and young adults everyone seems to have a great time hanging out together and while making another great vacation memory herunterladen.

Big kids prints on a bowl for grandma

Cool New Pots in the Gallery

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pulled out of the kiln this week with lots of intersting glaze colors including eggplant, blue and a aqua.  Bowls will be available for sale at the Studio this week and eventually on our website.  In addition to bowls he also hase several differant mug styles.  Lots of people like to choose their mug based on feel.  The slight curve of the handle, how the lip of the mug turns, the weight, the shape all influence how each indivisual decides which mug is the perfect mug for them minecraft download mojang kostenlos. Gary has made several differant styles with vareious glaze choices, let us know which ones you like.

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Taxes and Pottery and Painting

Introducing Gary Schena , CPA!

 We are really excited to have back in the Studio fulltime, Carolyn’s husband Gary.  Gary has opened his own tax and accounting business doing individual and business tax returns and as well as bookkeeping and accounting services.  Outside of  doing taxes Gary has been busy on the wheel stocking up some great pottery for the studio and he will offer some wheel throwing demonstrations on the porch this summer.  But in the meantime if you need your taxes done please give him a call.  He has over 20 years of experience as a CPA microsoft office 2016 german. Visit his website www.cpaobx.com or call him at 305-0181. 

   When not on the wheel throwing some big pasta bowls, Gary can help you with your with your taxes or business accounting needs streams mac!

While Gary has been busy throwing some great pottery, Carolyn has been busy doing some painting fortnite season 2. She set  the bar high for herself this winter with a goal of completing 60 new works by April 1st. So far, 50 plus paintings have been done! 

            New Paintings by Carolyn

    There is nothing like summer on Hatteras Island, swimming in the ocean, beachcombing, sunny warm days picsart for free. But, for Carolyn  she has to admit that she actually looks forward to the quiet of winter when she gets to  spread out her palette, paints, and brushes and have some messy fun jw library app downloaden! Carolyn is selling some smaller original works for $21.00 and under. 

    Original Painting $21.00 download mp3 files for free!

Carolyn has put several of her new pieces on the web and they are available in three different size prints priced from $35 to $55.00 If you are on facebook you have seen the progression of paintings throughout the winter amazon music lieder herunterladen kostenlos! Order a print or original piece of her work and get FREE shipping!

          FREE shipping on Prints till March 23rd

     “Reflection” by Carolyn Schena matted prints $35 – $55