Renovation – Down to the Studs

Our renovation project on the new building (well actually old, but new to us) located down the street from the current Studio 12 is moving right along!  There is something very gratifying about getting down to the studs.  Wide open spaces, no insulation wiring or walls to get in your way.  Maybe it feels so good because it is the base, the foundation and everything we do from here on out is adding and building back up, Instead of tearing away at the old, and broken we are creating and making it ours.

Photo Daniel Pullen

Photo Daniel Pullen

The next steps seem like the tedious ones to me, but oh so important; putting back in the guts. This means the plumbing, and the wiring, the heating and air duct work, all the stuff that makes a building hum through cold and heat!.

Studs - wide open SMALLER

Studs - North corner looking back SMALLER

2015-12-10 16.43.23

Gary and Carolyn with Daughter Samantha

To take a moment to celebrate how far we had come and to have a record of our progress we had Daniel Pullen come over and take some pictures.  Our intention was to have a family photo for our holiday card, notice I said holiday card since they were definitely getting sent after New Year’s this year!  The photo shoot was really fun and it was a welcome relief in the middle of this, at times grueling project.2015-12-10 17.09.37  As I write this blog, the insulation is finished and we are starting on the walls.  So the next step is choosing some colors for those walls, which means my next blog should be much more colorful!  Looks like we are staying on target to have everything ready to be open by Easter week with great art classes and DIY art fun!


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  1. Wow! So happy to read that this building is being renovated. Lots of space for your lovely things and classes. Good luck getting it done. See you in the spring.

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