My Summer Internship

This is a guest blog post from One of our summer interns Cat Sar

In the month of May, I threw two suitcases in my car, and drove 14 hours from Louisville, KY to Avon, NC. I had never been to Avon, had not met my employers in person, and had never seen the trailer I would be renting for the summer. I wasn’t sure I would like Avon. I wasn’t sure I would like working at Studio 12. All I knew for certain was that I was ready for an adventure. Now, as I hang up my glaze-splattered apron for the last time, I can testify that an adventure is what I got including unattended children, Shark bites in the ocean, and a fire at a hotel close by,—oh my!


I remember walking into the studio for the first time—my first day of work—and being completely overwhelmed. There was so much to visually take in, and on top of that I was soaking up information about my responsibilities as an intern. Carolyn later told me I looked like a deer in headlights. Over time, of course, I learned the ropes, but there were times I was stressed out and spread thin. Although the majority of customers at the studio are easy going and fun loving, sometimes I faced red-faced, bawling babies and red-faced, bristly grandmothers (and everything in between!). Apparently, not everyone is easily able to relax on vacation. I had to learn to take a deep breath and do my best to solve one problem while there were three other issues tugging on my apron strings. I gained valuable experience thinking on my feet and multitasking.

Overall, working at the Studio was a wonderful experience. I could not have asked for better employers. Carolyn and Gary have always been understanding and supportive—in and out of the studio. They took time out of their extremely packed schedules to teach me about their respective art forms: glass fusion and ceramics. I value this time above any other experience I had this summer. During my last week, Carolyn asked me what my favorite thing about Studio 12 was. My answer? I love the hustle and bustle of a rainy day. I love being kept on my toes in a challenging and fun environment. But most of all, I love the day to day interactions with people—customers and especially my employers—who know how important art is for everyone’s well being.

Everyone needs cat sarand deserves a place to create. At Studio 12, Carolyn and Gary have achieved this. Anyone who steps across that signature teal doorstep can leave the stresses of the world behind and just be. This transformation is my favorite thing about the Studio. Come in on a quiet Saturday morning and you will see it. Take a deep breath, let everything else go, and get a little messy!

I’d like to thank Carolyn and Gary for this opportunity.


Interested in a internship with Studio 12?  Contact Carolyn Schena

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Studio 12 is a working studio and gallery owned and operated by husband and wife artists Gary and Carolyn Schena. The Schenas' art work includes pottery, glass fusion and mixed media. Located in Avon, North Carolina on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, studio 12 welcomes all ages to paint pottery, make mosaics or try glass fusion. The Studio 12 gallery is filled with hand Crafted American art with a focus on North Carolina Artists.

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