Gifts with Meaning for the Holidays

Glass Fusion Cross Sun catcher
By Carolyn Schena

When Gary and I started Studio 12 ten years ago it was a life changing experience.  We had taken a moment in our life and asked ourselves if we were to choose what kind of energy we wanted to put forth in the world what would it be? For us it was peace.  We were also interested in starting are own business in our new home on Hatteras Island. Creating an art studio where we could invite people to come in and have a contemplative creative experience and make our art was the answer to our dream.

Our own art has developed along the way.  And we often find that when we are following the principles that had first led us to creating our art studio, creating peace, we end up making some of our most beautiful pieces of art and favored items by customers. Those items are most often the ones that speak to others as well.

Egret Pendant by Carolyn Schena

Recently we received a note from a customer who was looking for a special gift for a family member.  Her note reminded us of why we do what we do, and why purchasing a piece of art can be such a special experience for the giver and receiver.  We are ever thankful  for the customers who appreciate our art and allow us to continue making it.

This is what she had to say:

“…. My aunt’s husband of 40 years passed away in June from a very long battle with cancer. At the moment he died, an egret flew passed the third story window of his hospital room. In the recent months, my aunt has had a daily visit from an egret at her house in Sanibel who will walk around the property for hours. Shes convinced this is my uncles totem and finds so much peace in egrets. As if her husband is always with her. I wanted to share this very personal thing with you as I was moved that you opened your business to bring peace. I thought you would find it rewarding to know that this is exactly what you are doing.  Thank you.. Heidi.

Gary and I wish you lots of peace during this holiday season, especially when it comes to your shopping experiences!  And if you do choose to buy some hand crafted art for those folks on your gift list, well we thank you in advance! Check out all of our work here!


One thought on “Gifts with Meaning for the Holidays

  1. Dear Carolyn and Gary,

    What a beautiful story, the story of the egret. thank you for sharing it. I can’t think of a more peaceful bird. (Do is sense a new or an additional logo for your shop or website?)

    I draw different types of cranes and have used them in my own artwork and in a portrait of my son at age 3 surrounded by cranes. They have this beautiful spiritual connotation, a state of grace; the way they move, fly, and feed.

    I drew my last one in your shop, a place where I know I can connect with a deep part of myself. Thank you for throwing fear aside and giving yourselves the chance to live the life within. We all get that chance as well.

    Gratefully and with love,

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