Winter Time is Art Time!

“Winter Beach” acrylic on canvas by Carolyn Schena

One of the most frequently asked questions we get during our busy summer season is “what is it like in the winter on Hatteras Island?” Our answers are almost always the same, in one word we can describe it quiet.  The masses of tourist and summer workers are home (and probably dreaming about their travels back to OBX!) so the streets are relatively quiet, the beaches empty herunterladen.

It could be a cause for winter blues between grey skies, cold temperatures and a haunting quiet von windows 7 auf windows 10 download kostenlos. But in fact Winter on Hatteras Island also holds many unexpected delights, the things that one only gets to witness in winter. In the past two weeks the talk on the island has been about the baby sperm whale beached in Hatteras netflix app macbook pro. And on the North end of the Island, the shifting of sands after our last winter storm revealed more of the George A Kohler shipwreck. And then there is the exciting discovery of a seal on the beach, always  a treat to come across one of these doe eyed beauties, a wondrous sight mozilla firefox browser herunterladen.  I even had the opportunity to witness a flock of gulls descending upon juniper trees in the Buxton woods area apple quicktime player. Ever see a seagull land in a tree. That was new for me too!

Whales, shipwrecks and seals are the types of moments that make winter time a special time on Hatteras Island herunterladen. And it is also time for Gary and I to be busy in the studio. Summer we love helping others create art, but winter is our time to make art!

This winter Gary has been on the wheel throwing bowls, mugs, yarn bowls and trying out some new pieces.  Those new ones have yet to make it all the way through the drying, bisque, firing, and glazing to say what they are yet.  But we are pretty sure you’ll like them!  And he as even been working with our daughter samantha showing her the ropes, or mud so to speak zoom free download chip!

Gary and Samantha on the wheel

Carolyn has been pushing paint around on the canvas when not producing more jewelry and coral glass bowls apk lässt sich nicht herunterladen.

While the ole ground hog says we have 6 more weeks of winter, the calender shows us that it is getting time for us to dust off the shelves and be open for Spring download pokémon. And once again we will be excited to fill this empty studio with new friends and old familiar smiling faces, especially as we celebrate our 10th anniversary in business spiel hay day herunterladen!

“JoBells” by Carolyn Schena

10 years of business is certainly something to celebrate and so when Carolyn is not busy making art she is putting together some great events to celebrate art! You’ll be hearing more about those soon!If you’d like to see some of what we find on the beaches in the winter and what our winter art works are looking like then follow us on facebook.

We look forward to your next visit to Stuido 12 and celebrating our 10th anniversary with you soon!

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