Partying and Taxes

Have you ever read a blog that talked about celebrating and taxes? Please read on!

Busy, busy, busy that is what is going on for us this week word für vista kostenlosen. Monday marked the first day of being officially open for the 2013 season and we were delighted to have several tables full of pottery painters and shoppers in the gallery mercedes me app download. It has been 3 long months since we had that many bodies in the studio we hardly new what to do with ourselves! On top of getting the place all spiffed up for customers we are getting ready for our 10th year party on Friday herunterladen! You’re coming right! Several local business are joining in on the celebration, we have sliders coming from Burger Burger and pizzas from Gidget’s Pizza and Pasta, Fresh cut flower arrangements from The Slough and a tower of cupcakes from the Cotton Candy Baking Company Download iphone shared album.

Sean Bendula playing Friday

Singer songwriter Sean Bendula will be performing at the party, click on his name and you can link to his FB page and get a chance to  listen and down load some of his music amazon purchased movies pc. Sean is working on a new album so we look forward to hearing soem great stuff on Friday!

During the party on friday you can also pick up some great last minute gifts for those  Easter baskets with our party specials that inlcude $10 off Gel beach candles, $10 off Recycled tin can jewelry and Shea butter Lotion bars 2 for $10 excel download mac for free.

$10 off Earrings!

So while all this stuff is going on at the Studio, my better half, the guy that most of you know as our resident potter my business partner and husband is busy doing taxes apple music gratis downloaden. Wow did I just kill the party vibe by mentioning taxes?  Gary, bedsides being a gifted potter and our go to guy for the studio is also a Certifed Public Accountant herunterladen.  Before we moved to the OBX and set up Studio 12 he spent 15 years as a CPA on Wall Street in various finance areas.The black and white sign you see beside Studio 12 “Gary Schena, CPA Tax and Accounting Services,” well, that is him herunterladen. So if you find yourself in the thick of it with your taxes and need some help, do give him a call. He can be reached at 252-305-0181.  So, I hope that instead of killing the party vibe by mentioning taxes I gave you a glimmer of hope knowing that Garyis here to help Downloading windows update takes forever!

And that’s what we got going on here at the Studio 12 this week.  Partying and taxes! We are looking forward to seeing many of you on Friday for our 10th year celebration and if not on Friday then do stop by during your next visit toHatters Island!

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  1. I had a wonderful time when I was in your studio. I plan to return next summer but am trying to find days enough in a row to return before then. I hope that at all of you are well and smiling. I am praying that this seasons hurricanes all go somewhere else. My first son lives in Key West Florida. He has been there for 18 years. He is refusing to leave despite my arguments against remaining. He does not want to leave his house. His home was built in 1977 to survive a category 5 hurricane and so he feels all will be well. Fools are the last to give into the truth and reality. Your pics of your family are absolutely beautiful.

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