Jewelry for a Good Cause!

Creating Custom art work such as jewlery is one of the many fun things that we get to do at Studio 12.  We recently had the opportunity to make 50 pendants for local chapter of GO FAR, a comprehensive fitness program initiated to help combat childhood obesity family guy kostenlosen.

GO FAR Development Director Samantha Brown, was familiar with my work and in fact owns one of my silver and clay pieces of jewelry. ” I love my tree pendant” she told me, and wondered if I could make a similar piece of jewelry for the GO FAR coaches, and so the design process began word für vista kostenlos downloaden.

I love creating custom pieces of jewlery and I thought it would be especially rewarding to design and make a pieces for an organization that is doing so much for young people mp3 audiobooks for free. To begin the process Samantha and I put our heads together to talk abut the design and the budget that she had to work with.  We decided on a 1″ square pendant that would have a sterling plated bail.   I decided to work with earthenware clay as a base and fine silver as accents in order to achieve the look we wanted and stay within GO FAR’s budget Download apps sony smart tv.

The pendants would be given to all 50 coaches to thank them for their dedication and hard work kostenlos downloaden adobe flash player.

To begin I worked with a lump of clay and began molding it into the shape of the Go FAR logo.  After I got the look I wanted I then made several more pieces all with the same shape and design.  Then working with plaster I created a mold.  This allowed me to be able to create the 50 pendants needed and have them be fairly uniform as well as meet the timeline of having them done in one month amazon prime download windows 10.

Once all the pieces were made in clay they were dried and then cleaned to get rid of any rough edges and then signed. The next step was bisque firing, this means putting the clay in a kiln and firing until the clay hardens google chrome instructions.

After all the pieces were bisqued it was time to apply the colored glaze.  The GO FAR logo is green and blue so we chose to work withthose colors and each pieces was hand painted with the two hues, applying 2 coats to each piece.  Then the pendants went back in the kiln for their glaze firing.  When they emerged about 20 hours later they were shiny and ready for the silver application, which is again applied by hand and then put into the kiln and fired for one last time download adblock for free.

The last steps involve scratch brushing the silver to make it smooth and shiny and then applying the silver plated bail which is attached with a hardy glue.  After the glue sets the pieces are cleaned one more time and given a final inspection while being boxed and ready to give altes ios herunterladen!

To see more of Carolyn’s Silver and Clay jewelry check out the Studio 12 website where you will also fine work in clay and glass fusion.  Contact Carolyn if you would like a piece of custom jewlery for your organization combin.

GO FAR Is a non profit organization designed for children with all abilities to promote healthy eating habits and good character as well as a curriculum that teaches children and how to set goals, reach goals and successfully and safely complete a 5K run or walk/run. The GO FAR program started in 2003, by Robin Lindsay, Physician Assistant  in one NC school with 16 children and now has grown to reach over 4000 children annually.


3 thoughts on “Jewelry for a Good Cause!

  1. I really enjoy reading this blog and following Studio 12 on Facebook. Love my glass fusion pendant that I made this summer. Can’t wait to hit the studio this summer! Plan on making more jewelry and our annual family dinner plate.

  2. What a great story! Thank you for sharing the story of how these beautiful pendants were created for such a great cause. Certainly makes me think about getting more creative about the next time my organization does such a promotion. Keep these behind the scenes stories coming. Great work, Carolyn!

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