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We have the great fortune at Studio 12 to meet talented young artists everyday.  I met Carter Stuart last year when she and her mother and sister wandered into our shop.    I don’t remember what words of advice I dipsensed to Carter upon that initial conversation, but I am glad that those words led to me getting to know her and her talented drawing.  Carter observes much about the world around her and her insightsCarter has launched a challenge for herself, 15 drawings in 15 days.  I wanted you to get a first hand look at some of the neat things she is producing.  Stop by the gallery to see some of her work in person, we have several of her framed originals and pirnts as well herunterladen!

But, in the meantime enjoy following Carter’s Blog and her adventure in drawing!

Day 4 – time capsule

by Carter Stuart

After yesterday’s overeager attempts I chose today to do a “just because” photo samsung fernseher sky app herunterladen.

This Waffle house was on the main road heading back to campus sandwiched between a hotel and a gas station. On my way back from many a late night run to Walmart or Kinkos I stopped in and took this picture herunterladen.

It was like I stepped through time, and was living out Edward Hopper’s Nighthawks. A dark night, a vibrantly lit interior, with regulars drinking coffee as the staff cleaned and prepared for the next day icc farbprofil herunterladen. A very subtle reality in the midst of a hurried, high tech world.

It may be due for a touch up but here is what I managed to complete today.

by Carter Stuart


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