OBX Sunset Photography Workshop

Dan Water Photography Workshps

Summer Sunset photogrpahy Workshops with Dan Waters

Dan Waters is a self-taught photographer who turned his part-time hobby into a full time career.  He started with a 35mm camera before digital photography windows 10 pro kostenlos herunterladen. When not running his successful stonemason business in MD he was outside capturing images of nature.  “I learned to develop and print black and white and color photographs and enjoyed the exciting process of seeing my images come to life in the dark room herunterladen. This gave me a solid foundation in photography to build on.”

Dan’s  photographs  have been featured in several nature magazines.  He has a one person photography exhibit at the National headquarters of the National Wildlife Federation in Northern Virginia and you can even find Dan’s work on one of the Sierra Club’s greeting cards.  Dan says that “through photography, I attempt to bring my visions and feelings to the viewer fordpass herunterladen. I hope to share my insights and enjoyment of nature with others. I believe in taking nothing from nature but photographs and leaving nothing behind but footprints.”

Join Dan on one of his Sunset Photography Workshops being hosted by Studio 12 this summer.  Dan will take you to a great location where you will shoot on site in a small group setting for lots of one on one attention herunterladen.

Workshops are being held on Thursdays at 6:00pm the next one is scheduled fo r August 2nd and August 16th. Space is limited in each workshop so it is wise to sign up early herunterladen!

To see more of Dan’s work check out his website: www.danwatersphotography.com

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