Glass Fusion is Not Sea Glass

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Is it Sea glass? That is one of the most frequenlty asked questions I get when cusomters are looking through jewlery cases filled with glass fusion pendants, earrings, rings and bracelets. While the blues, and greens are the same in both glass fusion jewlery and sea glass, glass fusion is not sea glass.  Sea glass is basically trash glass bottles that have been ground up by the ocean, found on the beach by some lucky beachcomber and then transformed into jewlery with silver wire and glue.

Coral Bowl by Carolyn Schena


Glass Fusion is a process of combining cutting and designing seperate pieces of COE compatible glass, heating them in a kiln, to about 1450 degrees and then cooling the glass so that it comes together or fuses into a new piece of glass.  The colors for glass fusion jewlery are endless from rich reds and bright oranges to cool blues, greens and lovley opals combining severla colors into one.  Often times dichroic glass is used in making jewlery a more expensive glass that is created by using metal oxides and thus it gives off a terrific metal sheen akin to gold, or diamonds.

To try your hand at creating your own glass fusion art sign up for one of the many classes offerred at Studo 12 or just come into the gallery and see many of Carolyn’s glass fusion creations.

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About Studio 12

Studio 12 is a working studio and gallery owned and operated by husband and wife artists Gary and Carolyn Schena. The Schenas' art work includes pottery, glass fusion and mixed media. Located in Avon, North Carolina on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, studio 12 welcomes all ages to paint pottery, make mosaics or try glass fusion. The Studio 12 gallery is filled with hand Crafted American art with a focus on North Carolina Artists.

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