Fun things for kids during a hurricane

Whether it is hurricane Sandy that is headed your way or just a cold rainy day in the forecast, either way it can be a drag on the kids and the adults all trapped indoors excel solver herunterladen!

Here are just a few things that we came up with for our four year old while we are riding out the latest hurricane, Sandy that hit Hatteras Island Halloween weekend.  Feel free to add to the list with your comments below, considering we might be trapped indoors for a another day or two we would appreciate some more good ideals google play store free!

1 herunterladen.Clean a closet or the attic – don’t fool yourself that it will actually get clean but know that in the process your kids will re-discover some new toys fotosen van icloud naar pc!

2. Tissue People – get a box of Kleenex and some rubber bands.  Put several Kleenex together and make a ball and the top secure with the rubber band.  Kids can use markers to create faces and voila, you have several characters ready for the Kleenex theatre Download code from arduino!

3. Pillow Fight – set the ground rules first so no one gets hurt, maybe put up some couch cushions to make a ring and yoga mats on the floor for protection then just have some fun Download stop motion studio!

4. The All kitchen Utensil Band – Only if you are ready for some noise should you try this fun activity! Let your toddler experiment with various kitchen utensils and how they sound on metal, plastic and wood pots, bowls and pan sparkasse kontoauszug herunterladen. Then everyone can join in for a kitchen band.

5 simpsons herunterladen. Start making holiday cards – use parchment paper and trace your child’s hand then layer the parchment and you can cut out several hand prints at once.  The hand print cans me made into ghosts for Halloween or Santa clauses beard for Christmas designs für handys kostenlosen!

6. Smell taste touch – Play a little experiment game with your kids to see what smells and tastes they can identify.  Blind fold and let them smell different foods and items they are familiar with or not so familiar with such as peanut butter, cinnamon, or coffee 5 geschwister kostenlosen.

7. Science Experiments – Gather us some vinegar, baking soda, dish liquid, food color, water and several plastic container and experiment with what happens when you mix the various elements together.

8. Couch Cushion Fort – gather up every pillow you can find and all of your spare blankets and see what kind of fantastic fortress you can construct!

9.  Call up your cousins – Have a hard time getting your toddlers to talk on the phone? Well after a day of being cooped up in the house you might be surprised how much they can chatter away.  Give two four year olds the phone and you might just find you have enough time to bake a dozen cookies or write an article about what to do on a rainy day!

10. Go to the Zoo – set up all of the kids stuffed animals in one room then pretend that you and the either baby dolls or other stuffed animal friends are going to take a trip to the zoo. Make sure the dolls are dressed properly for the trip and you have packed snacks, drinks etc.

What kind of fun things do you with your kids when you are trapped indoors? Share with us in the comments section below we’d love to add them to this list to extend the fun!  In the meantimewe hope for everyone to have a safe ride out of the storm!

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