Re-open after Hurricane Irene


It is one thing to move furniture and art work and stuff to prepare for the hurricane and the advent of flooding; then it is quite another to do the clean up afterward.  We have been lucky, for the past 8 years we have only had to put everything back in place when the hurricane passed download metasploit. But with Irene there was over a foot of flooding clean up after including the remains of sludgy water, eel grass and other nastiness. Afterward moving everything again in order to tear out dry wall, and insulation and then re-hanging new drywall and then of course painting musik downloaden preisvergleich. And you know you can’t just paint the lower four feet of a wall so this means the removal of even more stuff (where am I going to put it all?) and re-painting the entire studio.   There were days in the middle of all this chaos that we laughed so hard when a visitor wandered in the studio and asked “were you effected by the storm herunterladen? No we’d say this is always how we decorate! But, finally we have nice fresh new walls, a beautiful warm off white paint and ALMOST everything back into place keynote for free. It is absolutely awesome to have some table space again!  I want to take a moment to thank Gary Schena who has worked tirelessly non-stop since the arrival of Irene, customers who have been so patient with online and custom orders, and friends like Christina, and Jeanne who lent us a helping hand with childcare, shows and overall moral support download outlook web app mails. Although we still have a floor to re-paint (we are putting that on hold for now) we are feeling more and more like we can close a chapter on hurricane Irene and turn our attention to what is left of  the 2011 season herunterladen internet. Stay tuned for upcoming holiday shopping specials. And we really look forward to seeing you at the Studio!

BEFORE                                AFTER

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