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We are lucky to get to watch so many kids grow up, famlies grow bigger and new additons come into the family. Studio 12 has become a vacation tradition for many families who make Hatteras Island their vacation destination,and we feel fortunate to be part of their family.  One of our favorite annual visitors is Robert.  Robbert was about 6 months old when he first came to visit us. We can never forget him, becasue it was one of my first times attempting to paint baby feet.  Gary and I were nervous new business owners and Roberts parents were excited new parents that wanted a momentum of their sons first beach trip.

eight years and counting!

Luckily Robert was a mellow baby who didn’t seem to mind at all that I was a novice at my job, and he even let me make an extra pair of prints so that I coudl commemorate the occassion and have a plate to hand on our studio wall. that plate has served as inspiration for other families to make a vacation memory, and it constantly serves as a reminder of  how far we have come as business owners, how our relationships with our cusomters have grown over the years, and how skilled we have become at not only painting pottery but also little feet.

Robert came back to visit us again this year just after his eighth birthday. This year he chose a monster truck bank to paint while his sister chose sea turtle. And Mom could not resist another set of prints.

We look forward to seeing Robert each year,  and we look foward to meeting all of the other families who discover Studio 12 for the first time, whether the kids are babies and toddlers or tweenagers and young adults everyone seems to have a great time hanging out together and while making another great vacation memory.

Big kids prints on a bowl for grandma

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About Studio 12

Studio 12 is a working studio and gallery owned and operated by husband and wife artists Gary and Carolyn Schena. The Schenas' art work includes pottery, glass fusion and mixed media. Located in Avon, North Carolina on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, studio 12 welcomes all ages to paint pottery, make mosaics or try glass fusion. The Studio 12 gallery is filled with hand Crafted American art with a focus on North Carolina Artists.

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  1. This is a great studio that has many talented artists that should not be ignored. I want to thank the owners for their time and education as I gave found a great new addition to my previous glass skills.

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